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Posted by: PMS | August 22, 2008

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Posted by: PMS | March 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well.. it’s time to go back.


See you!

Posted by: PMS | February 26, 2008

My Mama #128362

You know how Popular has these small magnetic strips like anti-theft devices randomly slotted in the books, then they wrap the books up in plastic right?

I was removing the magnetic strip (bought Catherine Lim’s “A Leap of Love”), and Mops exclaimed:

M: “Huh? Why got that one?”

Me: “The strip is to prevent theft lah. Then if someone steals the book usually it will DEE-DEE-DEE-DEE-DEE at the entrance.”


M: “Oh. So it’s inside one ah?”

Me: “Yah lor they put inside one.”


M: “AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yesterday when I was reading (while waiting for me) I took the strip out of the book because I thought some prankster anyhow put in the book!”

Me: *silence* 

Posted by: PMS | February 25, 2008

True enough, empty vessels make the most noise

/Edit @ 26th Feb: Seems like I’m not the only one. Looka looka looka. And now after all the comments, looka looka looka at her comeback, however contradictory it is. Let’s go cower in shame. We have wronged her. Say sorry to her quick later she write a book about how you look like Dilly (refer one of Yanyan’s blogs) *sobs*. Don’t be silly. We’re not worth her time. Ladidum.

From the “medical” website she linked to regarding risks of liver cancer (which she so pompously told you to “read, dumbass!”, if you do read properly, a very interesting fact would be how other risks were explained in detailed in that website (link here), but obesity is like wha-wa-what?

“Obesity might increase the risk of getting liver cancer.”

And even the website says “might“.


Hullooooo.. it doesn’t take a donkey to know obesity increases risk of getting anything, even getting stabbed because you take up two seats in the MRT. Isn’t it like, oh the line is only there for a superficial reason? Want to find website to back up your claim also find more substantial one can?

I might be fat (omg hello cancer!), ugly, untalented (I don’t have book!), and stupid (the longest word I know is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, and I don’t even know if I spelt that right wahahhaa), but boy am I glad I talk, look and sound human.

Eeeeeyer! I am so childish! *flips hair*



Was randomly blog-surfing when I saw a certain young Malaysian blogger (oh no she says she is a writer) who has two books under her name.

Education doesn’t make a person anymore refined.


So what if you know a lot of bombastic words? Knock knock. You really don’t sound a tad more intelligent just because you scored full marks for spelling bee ok? Half the words you throw around freely in your blog are not even needed to convey daily conversations. One need only memorize the dictionary to be on par with you, giving you the benefit of the doubt that you even know the entire dictionary.


Just because you have written two books (from the descriptions + illustrations, mere chic-lits in bombastic language, it seems – book’s description reeks of self-worship), it doesn’t make you anymore holier-than-thou, such that you go around spewing rubbish about how you feel that obese people who die from fat-induced diseases deserve it because “they brought it upon themselves”.

There are so many different causes of obesity. Don’t stereotype and categorize all obese people under one umbrella and brand them as “they brought it upon themselves”.

There are many deciding factors – work commitments, family commitments, genetics etc, and it’s not always a voluntary decision. If one could be slim, who’d want to be fat?

According to you, “no one is born fat, and even if you were genetically fat you can certainly do something about it… you can choose to slim down in your earlier years, clearly aware of the medical hazards obesity presaged, but you just didn’t… besides, the question of whether doing plastic surgery is unethical is really no question at all when you are so fat you can kill a cow by sitting on it. So say it with me! Liposuction, LIPOSUCTION!”

Do you even know how brainless and uncouth you sound?

Granted the onus is simply on the obese person to watch the diet, exercise heaps, and basically watch his lifestyle. So? It doesn’t give you anymore right to say things that you did. Just because you wear an XS, it doesn’t make you anymore eligible to say things like that. Who are you? Queen of Slim-City?

Having read some articles on you, you are capable of “fielding questions with a maturity beyond your age”. The last thing you sound in that entry was mature.

Apparently from this, tact isn’t something you are very well-versed in.

And for your (obviously much-needed) information, Lydia Sum died from cancer, not obesity.

Posted by: PMS | February 25, 2008


Dear all, because I love my original identity (and Nuffnang ads!) so very much, I am going to move back to Potatomus MaximuS dot Blogspot dot Com.

But I will be doing a revamp, so I’ll need a little time.

At the same time, this WordPress blog will still continue to exist, but it will be turned into a private blog. I will continue to update here too, until I’m done with the new layout, then I will let you guys know when to click back there!

Please support with the clicks then ok? Cos I lose out on quite a bit of Nuffnang ads liao hehehehe.


Going dimsum with Lala and Cheng they all at Turf City!

Posted by: PMS | February 24, 2008

Koala Lombo!

KL trip!

The flight there was a happyfying 38min via Tiger, but it was a blah morning lah as per few entries ago. So shan’t harp on it.

Checked in and went for the buffet lunch at the hotel, all the while frantically msging away.

Went off to Pavilion, and while merrily-grumpily roaming around Juicy Couture looking for my Gigi Hobo..


Actually he had already planned on giving me a (big!) surprise, just that the night before and that morning we had that big quarrel, so he didn’t know whether he still wanted to go and find me or not ahahahaha.


I went delirious at the thought of seeing him (WAHAHAHAHAAH!!) especially since we just had a ginormous quarrel.

Walked the entire Pavilion (love it to bits) and bought a bag, a wristlet, and a key pouch from Juicy, three pairs of shoes from Nose, a dress and top from Forever 21, a neck pillow from Parkson.

Cabbed to KLCC and waited for K at the food court!

Suddenly someone “WAH”-ed behind me and I twirled around to see him grinning away!


It was very funny seeing how he was kinda awkward in front of parents, who had to speak in Channel 5 so that he could understand =P

So off we went back to the hotel after dinner, and we had wanted to catch a movie. But no more time slottssss.

It was a sleepless night on the silly inflatable mattress that CREAKED at every single movement.


Woke up at like 7 am (actually didn’t even sleep cos it was WARM) and scurried around the room like hamsters so as to not wake parents up.

Paid a bomb for the buffet breakfast, where we had like a ladle of scrambled eggs, a slice of toast, a few slices of beef bacon and a glass of juice.

No appetite.

Went out to roam around for a bit, and off we went to Genting!

It was like COLD. We went for silly Genting rides and I screamed the poor dude’s ears off.

There’s this super lameshit “haunted house”, and according to Pops it was so scary because there was NOTHING. To think I had squeezed my eyes shut all the way.

I had wanted to go on the carousel! But the horses were like very small lah.

Roamed around the theme park a little (way too overpriced if you asked me) and went indoors and roamed some more.
Please. Do. Not. Watch. Meet. The. Spartans.

You would rather change the money to 10c coins, and throw them at yourself.

We actually bought premier seats that came with a drink, some snack and popcorn!

It was FREEZING in the cinema, and we sat in the exact same seats when we caught CJ 7 with parents later on.

I cried so much that a random puppy got caught in the flood.

Xu Jiao is so good I think she triumphs many local actresses!

We ate and ate and ate.

Ok I ate and ate and ate.

Went to take the antique car ride! I love! The last time I took the car ride I was like 4 yrs old!

Caught a cab back down to KL and heard of Lydia Sum’s death in the news.

Slept all the way back and someone’s arm took the shape of my head.

Went to KLCC and had a big feast at Manhatten Fish Market!

The chitterchatter was very pleasant. Happyfying.


Had a good night’s sleep!


Woke up sneezing like an elephant, and officially fell sick.

Think kena the cold at Genting.

Went to search for dimsum, and ended up eating kuih-kuih at KLCC food court.

I was laughing at Mops because on the first day during lunch, she squirted the ondeh-ondeh’s gula melaka all over herself, because she bit HALF -_-”

Then I cleverly poked the ondeh-ondeh with the fork and squirted gula melaka in the general direction of K, who siam-ed skilfully.


Sent K off to Puduraya to catch his bus =(

Went to Mid Valley and bought a shirt and a jacket, and went to eat suckling pig and heap loads of dimsum, and popped by KLCC again for dinner cos Mops wanted to eat A&W.

Packed and slept!


Woke up damn early and went to see-see the new capital Putrajaya.

Slept all the way and missed Putrajaya -___-”

Woke up at the airport, checked in, and was notified of the slight delay due to the airshow.

Went to eat nasi lemak (nice!) and went through the customs.

At the boarding gate, the announcement came through that the flight would be further delayed to 3.45 pm.


After much cursing and swearing (four hours!) we finally got on the plane.


Truly happyfying trip!


Posted by: PMS | February 22, 2008

To KL with KL!

I’m back!


WRT the previous entry, everything cleared up.

As you can see, he has indignantly left a comment. Aahahhaa.

Sorry for the melodrama and excitement (if any) caused.

Actually everything was cleared up later on during the day (he packed his bag, bought a ticket, and embarked on a 5-hr journey to KL to find me!), but the crazy internet cost RM $1 per MINUTE, and he didn’t allow me to go online to edit the entry. Buttttt.. everything is fine heh heh. Meet-the-parents session was good I guess. You can ask him and make him reply in the comments =P

I’m off to meet Dodo. Will blog about the trip tonight!

And yes, I got the Gigi Hobo and a couple of other stuff, and blew off an average KL blue-collar worker’s monthly wage at Juicy.



Posted by: PMS | February 19, 2008

Gigi bag!

Off to KL I go.

Juicy Juicy Juicy Cooooouture!

Saw this Gigi Velour Hobo, and if there is any I’d get it!

So when people ask me I’d be able to go “Oh this is my Gigi bag.”

Did you know there is a font in MS Word that is Gigi too?

Heh heh heh.

And I think, my boyfriend had just broken up with me.

It’s a record. Never been dumped so soon before.

Oh well.

Life’s never perfect, no?

Yes sir.

I am getting that Gigi hobo.

Dodo: “Gigi hobooooo? Hoooo!”



Was reading Stitch’s blog (who went over to Melbourne for four years with her twin – I want to go find her when I return!), and those last four words (from 1st Jan ’08’s entry) just jumped out into my face and unleashed everything.


I wonder if the plane pressure would worsen puffy eyes?

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing someone-out-there is there for you, and would be there.

Guess I can’t complain.

Miraculously, despite all I’ve tried and done, I still couldn’t prove myself to be that someone, so I can’t expect to have anyone wanting to be that someone.

Remember the Mediocre entry some time ago?

Scrap that.

I’m officially the Failure.

Go on.

Go ahead.


Posted by: PMS | February 19, 2008





幸好有某个 Ben Loy 一直在那里咔咔叫叫,比较好过一点。


“Hey busty lady!”

“你碰 ‘二筒’ 啦!”

“Eh you wear push-up har?”


拿 U-Zap zap 你的大头你就知道!


Don’t think you can ever fully accept me either.

Shut all you want.

Ball’s in your court. 

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