Posted by: PMS | February 19, 2008

Gigi bag!

Off to KL I go.

Juicy Juicy Juicy Cooooouture!

Saw this Gigi Velour Hobo, and if there is any I’d get it!

So when people ask me I’d be able to go “Oh this is my Gigi bag.”

Did you know there is a font in MS Word that is Gigi too?

Heh heh heh.

And I think, my boyfriend had just broken up with me.

It’s a record. Never been dumped so soon before.

Oh well.

Life’s never perfect, no?

Yes sir.

I am getting that Gigi hobo.

Dodo: “Gigi hobooooo? Hoooo!”



Was reading Stitch’s blog (who went over to Melbourne for four years with her twin – I want to go find her when I return!), and those last four words (from 1st Jan ’08’s entry) just jumped out into my face and unleashed everything.


I wonder if the plane pressure would worsen puffy eyes?

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing someone-out-there is there for you, and would be there.

Guess I can’t complain.

Miraculously, despite all I’ve tried and done, I still couldn’t prove myself to be that someone, so I can’t expect to have anyone wanting to be that someone.

Remember the Mediocre entry some time ago?

Scrap that.

I’m officially the Failure.

Go on.

Go ahead.




  1. thou i dun really know what happened, but i believe that you are not a failure. =) i hav been a quiet reader all along and it is proven that u r never a failure.

    believe in yrself k? sometimes certain things are jus not easy.

  2. oh potato… i don’t know if i read wrongly, but… love is never easy eh… I hope you’re okay

  3. “And I think, my boyfriend had just broken up with me.”

    you’re kidding right?? i’ve seen u two tgt in SYD… so sweet! he couldn’t have!!!

  4. Noone is a failure. We just con’t to learn from mistakes, stand up and fight again. =) cheers~

  5. awww~~

    it’s just one of those when u felt emo, hence the failure conclusion.

    no one is a failure – it’s how u perceive yourself.

    be strong, yeah?

  6. well… tell me, is it worse to get rejected before it even started? or to get dumped later? i dunno, but i’m still smarting from 2 consecutive (maybe 3) rejections in a row? maybe i AM the problem… u take care and have fun shopping =)

  7. i did not .. >.<” *indignantly*

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