Posted by: PMS | February 22, 2008

To KL with KL!

I’m back!


WRT the previous entry, everything cleared up.

As you can see, he has indignantly left a comment. Aahahhaa.

Sorry for the melodrama and excitement (if any) caused.

Actually everything was cleared up later on during the day (he packed his bag, bought a ticket, and embarked on a 5-hr journey to KL to find me!), but the crazy internet cost RM $1 per MINUTE, and he didn’t allow me to go online to edit the entry. Buttttt.. everything is fine heh heh. Meet-the-parents session was good I guess. You can ask him and make him reply in the comments =P

I’m off to meet Dodo. Will blog about the trip tonight!

And yes, I got the Gigi Hobo and a couple of other stuff, and blew off an average KL blue-collar worker’s monthly wage at Juicy.





  1. haha, ur r/s thing changes here and there within short timeSSSSS. *amused and amazed*

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