Posted by: PMS | February 26, 2008

My Mama #128362

You know how Popular has these small magnetic strips like anti-theft devices randomly slotted in the books, then they wrap the books up in plastic right?

I was removing the magnetic strip (bought Catherine Lim’s “A Leap of Love”), and Mops exclaimed:

M: “Huh? Why got that one?”

Me: “The strip is to prevent theft lah. Then if someone steals the book usually it will DEE-DEE-DEE-DEE-DEE at the entrance.”


M: “Oh. So it’s inside one ah?”

Me: “Yah lor they put inside one.”


M: “AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yesterday when I was reading (while waiting for me) I took the strip out of the book because I thought some prankster anyhow put in the book!”

Me: *silence* 



  1. Like, how many people actually know what is the use of mirrors in lifts?

  2. For me to zhao mei mei!! =D

  3. hey!! im a regular reader but i’d never left a response before! anyway, your entry on the trip to genting seems really enjoyable in a peaceful kinda way! im going genting next week!! =)

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