Posted by: PMS | February 17, 2008

Interesting conversation

Me (to Mops & Pops): “Ay ay! FF gave me a bus ticket to Penang! She initially planned to return home for a short visit, but suddenly got company retreat so she cannot go already. So she give me the bus ticket lor!”

M & P: “Shi meh? When is it? The journey very long right you can meh.”

P: “You going back Sydney liao you still want to go so far.”

Me: “Can lah.. don’t waste mah! $35 leh!”

M & P: “Wah. So good got company retreat ah. Go where?”

Me: “Errr… Bintan!”

No objections! No crazy you-kena-take-nekkid-pictures har! No cannot go! 

Hellloooo orh jian! Hellloooo kway teow tng! Hellooooo fattybombom!




  1. If I ever meet your parents in real life, remind me to conjure up colourful stories about my erm.. retreat in Bintan. ;)

  2. Company retreats not supposed to be colourful lah so no worries. Ahahaha..~

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