Posted by: PMS | February 16, 2008

Top Alert


Image taken from here.

I have been searching for this All My Life (ever since I graduated from primary school).

Whoever sees this anywhere, please Please PLEASE let me know where I can get this!




  1. i have seen these before and bought it once from shop & save/ prime supermarket if i am not wrong. choc coating with soft buttered sponge cake inside. u can try.

  2. I live in California and see this all the time in Vietnamese supermarkets, and I’m assuming that you can find these at these kind of supermarkets all over the United States, too. Not sure about its availability outside of the country. If you’re not from the States, perhaps you could ask someone to purchase for you? Good luck!

  3. s’pore poly’s co-op near the library

  4. tampines 800+, opp TP. there’s this shop selling all kinds of old-school sweets and snacks.

    or tampines 500+. just opp tampines central. shop near the traffic light crossing. sells all kinds of old-school sweets and snacks too.

    good luck! :)

  5. passer >> Thanks! Will try! There’s a Shop & Save at Bedok Central anyway.

    Tammy >> I’m at Singapore/Sydney, thanks anyway =)

    anon >> SP a bit far lol. Thanks though.

    passerby >> Will go back TP to find! I think I know where you’re describing.


  6. NTU vending machine also have!

  7. EH!!

    i used to eat this in my primary school days!!
    last time was like 50cents i think!!

    OMG!! i so love u!! HAHA

  8. SIM vending machine also got.

  9. there’s a shop selling all kinds of snacks in a hdb 2 storey building near parkway parade mall (shop’s front faces the food centre of the old republic theatre). not sure if they still have it though, as the lastime i bought it was 2 years ago.

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