Posted by: PMS | February 14, 2008

Saint Valentine’s Day

I was going to start this entry by showing off the presents I got from my faraway Valentine.

However, I am sick of hearing some overused-to-death stuff and I decided to blog about it first.


Poor old St Valentine died for a reason. You can go Wiki or Google it.

Valentine’s Day exists FOR a reason – for lovers to express their feelings to each other. Which is precisely why it is named Valentine’s Day, and not Meng Keong’s Day, or Choon Huat’s Day, or Sang Nila Utama’s Day.

I am sick of hearing how people (single or double-but-can’t-get-to-celebrate) yadda on and on in those irritating holier-than-thou manner, about how “Ohhhhhh everyday is a Valentine’s Day if a couple is really truly deeply madly in love! I don’t need silly commercialized days like that to celebrate my love! It’s like SO commercialized it’s silly! Spend so much money and just walk around doing nothing but show off the forests of roses and compare teddy bears!”

News flash!!

Valentine’s Day has a MEANING to it. It is your problem if you fail to comprehend the meaning behind this special day, or you misconstrue its meaning, hence falling prey to the commercialization of the day. If to you, V-day is all about flowers, dinners and presents, then you are a sorry-ful person, because you don’t know what is Valentine’s Day.

Having Valentine’s Day does NOT mean you can neglect your partners for the rest of the 363 (minus V-day and birthday), and only “love” back when it’s V-day. It means that on top of showering TLC on them for the entire year, you get ONE day to do something reeeeaaallllyyy special to express your love! Hurray!

It’s really just too bad that those businesses out there decided to hinge onto the day and commercialize it really badly. I mean, what else have Singaporeans not taken advantage to make money from anyway? In places like England and Europe, the whole lurve-is-in-the-air mood is like dunno how thick and authentic lor! It’s just like a true-blue Singaporean to cheapen every special thingamajit with the money-making schemes, no? You can bake your own cookies ah. Or make your own paper flowers. Or make your own card. Or design a something. Or fold stars. Whatever happened to good old classic ways of love expressions? Too bad for you if you nabbed yourself a materialistic one who demands LVs lor. But if you willingly splurge on your partner then that’s an entire different story altogether.

Just because you don’t get a date, or you don’t have a date, or for any reason you’d be alone for the day (like meeeee *sniff*), don’t get all holier-than-thou and preach ok? You can be sour, you can be bitter, you can be miffed. But you don’t go around acting all snooty and say stuff like “Ohhhhh everyday is a V-day if you have true love!”

I definitely know how it’s like to be alone on a V-day lor, given how I was (really) ugly for the better half of my life and always missing out on ‘going steady‘ *gags*. In fact, I spent three V-days with Dodo (today third time). I was envious, I was bitter, I was every other emotion, but I never once thought V-day was just-any-other-day. It is a day designated for couples (why do you think throngs of people get married today?!) and if you don’t have a date, it really is quite sian.

Then with that logic of the holier-than-thous, if a Hindu is very pious, then that poor man must carry kavadi and step on burning coals everyday lah?! Or can we do without Easter Day, or Vesak Day, or Hari Raya? Since if you pious and holy, then every other day pious can already. Don’t need a special day to commemorate one lah hor?

If you could get a date, who’d really want to be alone on this day?



Look what came from far far away!






Spent the V-day with Dodo for the third time!

2003 at TP’s computer lab rushing her FYP, 2004 with her Thunder God and I with YJ at Suntec dunno doing what, and 2008 watching Ah Long Pte Ltd and stuffing ourselves with Ajisen.

“Ay? Sen me sen?”



BFF phones! Got them together and even had adjacent numbers with the last two digits ending as our birth years.

After movie Dodo came back to my place and we mahjonged with my parents.

Heh heh heh.

Sent her home while blasting Britney Spears in the car.

Thus concluding the little love day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all happy couples, and may the still-single boys and girls quick quick find a Valentine soon!



  1. i’ve been using that phone for almost 2 months. and i love it. except for the part that it has no flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ya ya. My only gripe is no flash also. Orh orh uhm uhm one. Did you see the theme – Eclipse? Nice hor!

  3. yooo! got to find ur blog from yadaaa blogs. haha. nice valentine u had wif ur babe. (: enjoyy urself. (:

  4. bizi >> Yeah yeah my only gripe is the flash!

    hotbabe >> Thanks =)

  5. dont like the vibrating thing when i scroll the menu leh.. lol.. can switch off or not? the whole thing looks nice though.. got the futuristic feel. ^^ haha..

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