Posted by: PMS | February 4, 2008

Penang snippets

This is the first time ever I return from a trip with no photos and lots of money left!


The flight there was super happyfying because I had a window seat and an entire row to myself!


I stepped out into the sweltering heat and effectively lost like 2kg of blubber which had melted into nothingness, and straight into the arms of my waiting McK!

It was a good couple of degrees hotter than SG.

He lugged me off to the car and brought me shopping!

I was in a grumpy mood because I was hungry, it was super warm, and there were SO MANY THINGS I wanted to buy but I have an ass-ful of debts to clear before CNY (I am very pantang about clearing debts before the lunar year passes).

But K bought me a dress from Forever 21 (CHEEEAAAPPPP) which he reluctantly paid for – not the moolah but cos it’s too revealing to him eh heh heh heh but because love is in the air he still bought it for me lah – and a top from Topshop.

The grumpiness got the better of me and off we went home.


Meet-the-parents session went much smoother than I thought *gurgles*, as how Ting can probably ascertain how I went stark raving mad the night before. Heh heh heh.


K brought me to all the big and small shopping malls, and at the end of the trip, all I bought was that dress and top, ONE pair of shoes, another dress that I oh-so-love (didn’t want to get it initially cos there’s not many places to wear to, to which my mom said “Just buy lah! You think your body like that got money means can find something that looks nice meh? Like then buy lah!”), and that’s it!



My parents now have quite a good impression of K because they thought he was the one who managed to stop me from buying.


I totally had no mood to shop leh despite the throngs of stuff I wanted.

But I am very sian because there’s this pair of hot pink heels (from Nose) that I’ve been lusting over since Day One, and I held it out until the last day, where the mall I was at didn’t have my size (OMGOMGOMG K JUST TOLD ME HE’D BUY IT FOR ME WHEN HE GOES KL LATER OMGOMGOMGOMG LOVELOVE!)


I ate, and ate, and ate, and ate, and ate, and ate, and ate.

Penang laksa (which I still cannot), rojak, ikan bakar, sotong, stingray, some shellfish thingy which had me slurping futilely like an idiot, duck noodles, char kway teow, fishball noodles, lor bak (which is like our ngor hiang), chicken rice, orh jian that is like SUPER nice, herbal duck mee suah, roast duck!

Over 3 days ok.



I was merrily slurping the herbal mee suah that K’s mom bought for us, and after finishing the big drumstick, I chirped:

“Ay ay! This is kampung chicken or normal chicken ah??”

K looked at me in disgust.

“That was duck.”

Oh well. Heh.


He brought me to Ferringhi Beach where we were the only Chinese around!

All the tourists were angmohs!

Recalling the silly scene in that movie (the title suddenly slipped me), I asked him whether he would pee on my leg if I got stung by a jellyfish.

Literally three seconds later (I kid you not), we saw this MONSTROUS jellyfish being washed ashore. It was, I think, nearly thrice the size of my head. Maybe two. But you get the idea.

This New Zealander was looking at it lovingly. Aahahhaa no lah. Just staring at it like we were.

It would make a good Pokemon!

The jellyfish not the man.


K’s little cousins are super cute lah especially the youngest one.

“You all cannot ignore me! Every time the boyfriend and girlfriend can together (in movies) because the little kids help!”

“Why you all so lovey-dovey one! *giggles*”

“K gorgor! How I call your girlfriend huh!” (when I was sitting next to her, between them both)


I made the biggest faux pas and wanted to smack myself silly, when I ordered beer for myself on the first night, when we had dinner with his family.

Where got girl meet boyfriend’s parents for the first time and order BEER?! What kind of image is that man?!

But but but it was really super warm and his dad asked me whether I wanted a beer (both him and K were getting), and I mindlessly said ok! and duly kicked myself in the shin. I stuck to only one glass after that lah.

Stupid stupid stupid.


Carrefour was super duper near, and throughout the day we got entertained with the melodious chingchongchiang music, and the intermittent ‘deng-deng-deng-deng’ “Dear shoppers…” kind of announcements.



I think it was the second night, when there were a couple of snatch thefts. The people just CHASE one lor! I think they more happy to chase because got action, rather than to retrieve the stolen handbag.

According to K’s mom, one of the thieves (Vietnamese, as reported by one of the chasers) look like K.


But he managed to get away. Wonder if he got caught in the end.


Went to Gurney to eat the yummy mamak, and went to the mall to watch Gabriel.

Whoever told me Gabriel was GOOD, I am going to roll my eyes at them so hard that they will pop out and hit them on the head.



It was so fucking bad, the only thing that amused me was when the silly people died in the end, the Dark died, and then there was Light, and the cinema’s lights came on.



The movie was MUCH WORSE.

The storyline was so bad, the only possible redeeming factor should probably be the fightin, yeah?

NOOOOO. The blatantly-choreographed fighting was so wincingly-bad.


If that is chio (she reminds me of Amy Winehouse. What’s with that mouth?!), then the lao uncle collecting cardboard downstairs is like Mr Manhunt.

Lucky it was movie night and cost us like RM12 to watch that silly movie.


Went up to Kek Lok Si to see see look look, and the big big big big statues of Guanyin were like wow. (I used to wonder how did they manage to fit the statues through the monastery doors, only to realise they build the statues first, then they build the temples around them!)

The temple actually has this inclined elevator can?!

It brings you uphill and saves you the effort from climbing the rather-steep incline.

I like the fact it was very uncrowded when we went.

Peaceful and serene.

How a temple should really be like.


I stood in front of the shower, scrutinizing at the heater for like, two minutes?, trying to figure out how it worked.

Turn here press there still no water!

When I managed to turn the water on, I actually grinned.



The day I was to return to SG was crazy.

Turbulences were very bad, as was the weather

I was going to land at 2.30pm, and I could feel the plane landing, hovering over the sea as normal landings would be.

Suddenly I just felt the plane pull upwards again and the worrywart + drama queen in me were let loose (I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I’m going to die.)

Then the captain announced that due to very poor weather conditions (visibility was like 2000m or something) the plane was not able to land, and he would be flying us to KL first (to which Lili and Lammy both said it’s not possible since SG weather conditions had never been so bad until cannot land one).

The poor angmoh next to me went nuts (had a connecting flight to LA, then Oregon), and once at KL, he was on the phone for more than an hour, trying to find alternative connecting flights (found one to Narita).

We FINALLY got back into the air, and finally reached at 5.30pm.

Sibei sian because the cab fare came up to $16.80!

I go Zouk come home + midnight also never exceed $15 before lor (before fare hike).


Wooo. Longest entry in a while.



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