Posted by: PMS | February 3, 2008

I want to hurl my stomach out

What the fuck is up with the English (is she even local?! What kind of accent is that?!), shu nu giggle, irritating pout, cannot-make-it-doe-eye-wannabe, and that act-kawaii Japanese sign-off?! And how can it be her FIRST time sitting in front of a video camera?! HELLLOOO?

And was that ‘oh-cos’ (of course) that she said at about 00:32?!

Who is she trying to talk to? Her fans? If yes, why is she talking as if she’s talking to a bunch of three-year-olds? Even so, I think my three-year-old cousin will just ignore her.

Act your age already.

No not the mental one.

(For the record, the few attempts she tried styling herself for various Mediacorp shows were D-I-S-A-S-T-R-O-U-S. As were the feeble attempts at justifying her choice of clothes at those events. Dear Fashion God, it’s time you bless this poor lass with a wee bit more of fashion sense already.)



  1. omg im so sorry i just came across this blog by random and i cant help but to comment on this video because its really damn disgusitng! She’s disgracing singaporeans and humiliating the japanese please.

  2. her accent sound so… filippino/thai/indonesian…

    and that act-cute-but-fails-to jappy sign-off… *shivers*

  3. gross!!!

  4. I know what kind of accent is that..

    It’s the Steven Lim accent. Go take a look at his videos and you will realise that she is the female version of Steven Lim. She speaks exactly like him with all those little unnecessary actions and giggles. Trying to act demure but she’s trying too hard.

    Especially the way she introduced herself, the expressions she made at 0:21 and 0.47 and also the ‘its my first time sitting in front of a video camera, but its ok’.

    So Steven Lim.

    Who would talk like this but him?

    ‘I hope you enjoy those video.. mini video clips and I would like to share with all of you’ + act cute hand gesture.

    It’s just Steven Lim all over.

  5. errr…
    who is she???

    HAHAHA i see le i wanna laugh -puke…..

  6. She’s Dawn Yeoh, supposedly up-and-rising Mediacorp starlet. One of the Seven Princesses.

  7. I came across your blog and saw this… Had to comment on it… It is simply disgusting… Makes me sick!!! One of the Seven Princesses, My ARSE!

  8. hello i read your blog sometimes and i can’t help but comment on this because dawn yeoh is really too disgusting here. was she trying to act Japanese?? her trying too hard pseudo-Jap(??) accent was just plain weird. omg. she is so fake and act cute that i felt like smacking her face. LOL.

  9. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD……. Not again, another mediacorp artiste trying real hard.

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