Posted by: PMS | January 27, 2008

Pom pom tiao!

I wonder if my grandparents love each other.

Like those you-jump-I-jump kinda love.

Like those tingling-in-the-tummy kinda love (I really can’t picture my grandma giggling like, say, Ting? Or teh-ing like Dodo. EEEEEEEEEEEE!).

Like those pom-pom-tiao kinda love.

I wonder if my grandpa kisses (or used to kiss?) my grandma good night before they slept.

I wonder if they had stayed together because of (traditional) commitment (like oh marry liao must follow the husband forever etc), habitual lifestyle (like.. just got used to it already – this is My Life etc), responsibility (ok now I have a family therefore I will make this work), or love, since they were match-made.

Maybe they were first match-made, then fell in love, then became a habitual lifestyle?

I should ask my grandma some day, since she’d proven to be quite hip (since recently she is like the Wong grandchildren’s love guru).

Heh heh.

(Afterthought: I wondered who was it who actually dared to matchmake my maternal grandma. HAHAHA. Too bad I’ll never get the chance to ask again.)



  1. My gramma was matchmade, and she just confessed to us that in her dunno how many decades of marriage, she has never kissed my grampa.

  2. Wahseh! I just asked my mum, and she said my (maternal) grandpa was from another kampung and it was during the WW II years, so he also dunno how garang my grandma was ahahaha.

    But she used to threaten that she’ll chop off his dickyboy when he wanted to get another wife from Pontian. Giggle.

  3. I giggled when I was imagining grams giggling like me. hehehehehe.

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