Posted by: PMS | January 19, 2008

Soft toys

I have a ton of soft toys that I am packing away, and I want to either sell them off for some charity causes (like fund-raising), or I’ll donate them to Salvation Army.

Does anyone know of any charity organisation (or anywhere equivalent) in need of any fund-raising (as in having fund-raising fairs with games stalls etc), or any home that wants soft toys?

Salvation Army would be my last resort.

Please drop me a mail at potatomusrandomus [a] gmail dot com.

I would be returning to Sydney about 2nd week March, so if there are any fund-raising fairs etc before that date, please let me know! Tentatively, if you do know of any children’s homes around you in need of such soft toys (definitely in “playable” conditions), let me know too.

In the rare scenario that you LOOVEEE soft toys (like how I do – just that I’m really running out of space), drop me a mail too and we’ll work something out. Though I think no one would do this since you probably can get a brand new one at a very cheap price I guess. Heh. I’ll go sort it out and see whether there’s anything that might be attractive. I think I’ve got a set of Pooh Bears + friends that came with McDonald’s few years ago. I remember making Zhengchang and a few other guys eat a meal to get for me. Hahahaha.

Happy Saturday!



  1. u can drop it at the children’s home.

  2. you can donate to Singapore Red Cross Society. they have a shop tht collect usable items and sell them at a nominal price. visit their website at

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