Posted by: PMS | January 18, 2008

New number (well, and phone too)

I’ve got a brand new number (a bff number with Dodo! giggle) , and I’ve canceled the previous number I was holding.

If you haven’t been notified by me, please check out the number on my MSN nick.

If somehow somehow you don’t have my MSN and you are reading this and you are my friend, please leave me a comment and I’ll add you in MSN (with apologies).

Though I can’t think of anyone who is a friend and not on my MSN.

If that’s the case, we haven’t been in contact anyway, no?

I dunno why, but I am rather reluctant to let people know my new number. Shrug shrug.

I think I have too many rubbish numbers in my phone.

I won’t mass-sms my number to everyone this time round, because I have a crazy bill to take care of this month.

Love the phone in Hearty Red!


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