Posted by: PMS | January 13, 2008

Random Thoughts #2

A bigass dash of narcissism for the new week, shall we?



For the longest time, everyone around me got pretty frustrated at hearing my perpetual excuse of not being able to meet up – I had to pack my stuff.

Every ounce of truth in that though.

Finally, I am really proud to announce, my room is, at long last, done up.

New curtains (love!), new CD shelf (I lugged this back home from IKEA, and it’s seriously damn heavy, and while fixing up the shelf I hammered a nail into my finger – I need a man), new storage space, new position of bed, new feelings about the newly-revamped room.

It happyfies me.


I need Absolut Peppar and the gold + silver Absoluts to complete my collection.

I cannot seem to find Peppar anywhere.

I know Far East has a shop that sells it, but that lady boss guai-lan-ly told me she’s charging $89 for it.

Siao bo.

I’ve got Absolut Vodka, 100, Vanilia, Mandrin, Citron, Apeach, Kurant, Raspberri, Pears and Ruby Red.

No more right?


K managed to get the same return flight as me back to Sydney!

Happy like hamster!


I am absolutely dying to show off the present I handmade.

Can die!

Counting down to 67 days more!


I’ve been driving around like mad recently, because Pops injured his hand.

Crazy waking hours (by that I mean 8am), sudden on-calls (Uncle’s car stalled today and I was blearily dispatched to rescue him, Aunt & Grandma), and sanity-busting drives to Jurong where Didi’s camp is.


I saw this tang kee (medium) today when I went to the temple, and even till now, I get nervous watching them at work. Mops said when I was small, I used to get so scared I’d cry.


I need to stop procrastinating.

Tomorrow, I promise.


Sent Pops to Toa Payoh a couple of mornings ago, and I was at the HDB Hub milling around doing nothing.

It occurred to me that the last time I went there was with Dodo for the SS audition and we queued for 8 crazy hours.

Didn’t get through the audition some more.



Was browsing the internet for budget hotels earlier, and it’s amusing how Hotel 81 and Fragrance Hotel really earned their (lack of) reputations well.

Heh heh heh.

But I’m fine with it lah.

The money saved can be used elsewhere mah!

I think I’m gonna be very excited at the people I might see there, however rude that might sound. Giggle.


Once again, I miss the feeling of being on a bike.


I want to eat mee chiang kuih!

With lots of orange coconut shreds.



I think I totally wasted my parents’ money for putting me through braces.

I was so unconscientious with the retainers, that now my teeth are sengek again.

My buckteeth are coming back with a vengeance =(


I went tanning in between time slots (of fetching Pops) and I met a childhood friend.

She gawked at me and ticked her fingers off at the changes she saw in me.

I chopped my hair off, I pierced my tummy, I lost weight, I seem freer, and my teeth are straighter (not – refer to point above).

She peered at my piercing (which has migrated so much you can see the stem just under the skin) for such a long time, people threw us odd looks while sauntering past.


I really need to catch up with Grey’s.

I am SO behind time.


I am happy =)



  1. Absolut Gold is different from Silver? i guess you are refering to Gold as in the Bling bling, and silver = Disco?

    Both limited Edition.
    Out of stock in Duty Free already.

  2. No leh really is a gold bottle and a silver bottle. Not the new Absolut Disco bottle.

  3. Da Bao Reporting!…ah yee..if u find the gold and silver bottles tell me k? i wanna buy also..haha…u dun have the disco one but i have heeheeeeeeeeeee…=P Anws meet me and boy soon k? many lubbers (^_____^):

  4. Lol. I thought you have a much higher chance of getting your hands on the gold and silver ones lor! Since only SIA aircrew has the priiiiviiillliiiigggeeee of finding those bottles (or so I heard from Jenn whose bf has them). I still haven’t get my Disco from you!

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