Posted by: PMS | January 10, 2008


I had this chat with Ris donkey years ago, while we lazed outside LT 21 waiting for the sun to set.

Unanimously, we came to the consensus that it is utter stupidity that is felt, when you merrily chirpily excitedly happily whateverly do something for someone (be it family friends whoever), and the only reaction you get is indifference, or worse, disappointment.

That fucking hurts more than telling me in the face “Fuck off you obese walrus”.



  1. that’s so true. but i mus admit, i’ve felt it before and i’ve done it to pple before. =x

  2. YESSS. utter stupidity. that’s what i felt when i tried to give the boy a nice surprise. got his mum to let me in the house and hid in his room to wait for him to come back from flight… and i even had sausages for him.

    and all the damn boy did was FROWN. cos i scared him

  3. Haven’t we all =)

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