Posted by: PMS | January 8, 2008

You really don’t know me

I can forgive doesn’t mean I can forget.

I can’t forget doesn’t mean I can’t let go.

I can’t let go doesn’t mean I still hold on.

I don’t hold on doesn’t mean I can forgive.


One of the most cliche whatchamacallit ever:

With letters HRT, I could add ‘EA’ and get a ‘heart’, or a ‘hurt with a ‘U’. But I would rather add ‘U’ to get hurt, than add ‘EA’ to get a heart without any of U.

*shudders & spasms*



  1. […] dated 4th Jan 2008 – with that picture ‘Love is…’, are totally lifted off my 8th Jan 2008 and 3rd Jan 2008 […]

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