Posted by: PMS | January 6, 2008

My Mama #8362181

Dinner tonight was yong tau foo soup, plus the bigass meatballs my aunt got for us from Taiwan.

Mops was dishing out the stuff from the ginormous pot of soup, and was muttering to herself:

Mops: “唉呦还有两粒嘞?!” (Where are the other two [meatballs]?)

Me: *points to boobs* “这里咯.” (Here lor.)

Mops: “Sorry ah 我的碗不够大.”(Sorry my bowl not big enough.)

… … …



  1. Muhahaha! Your mum is funny!

  2. Super -_-” until dunno how to reply her lor.

  3. Ya lah, I think urs can only fit into those super big bowl for dessert one lor… it’s a compliment from me hor… I oso wan TUA NN leh… :(

  4. Wallao eh Carol. Lol. The grass is always greener lor. Hard to find clothes that fit!

  5. HAW HAW HAW. I shan’t say too much.

  6. Lammy! Bu yao mei you li mao! Wo yao chang ge!

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