Posted by: PMS | January 2, 2008

Random Thoughts #1

What do people do, when their ‘monthlyversary’ falls on a 31st? Do they celebrate it on every other month with only 30 days?


When I was 14, I thought people above 24 years old were grown-ups. Like you know.. work lah.. get married lah.. maintain families lah.. no more fooling around lah.. proper decent adults.

My mum had me when she was this age!

But me.. don’t have leh.

Sah buay sek.


There are times, when I set my eyes on someone or something for the first time, and instantaneously, I develop an immense dislike towards it.

I wish I can find some catalyst to hasten my decision on why I dislike it, so that I can stop accrediting the dislike to my gut feeling.


Sang this song at KTV today.

别 – Ella (S.H.E)



I had the craziest thought earlier on, and it involves guilt, apologies, and utterly unnecessary risks.


I love Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Halle Berry, Isla Fisher and Katie Holmes.


Jamie-Lynn is preggers. I wonder what would my parents have said, if I had gotten preggers when I was 16.

Mightn’t have lived to find out though.


I never thought I would ever say this, but I love Charles & Keith, and I’m a proud member of it!


Horoscope for 2008 from 8 Days:

In Love:

Complicated events are liable to dominate your relationships during April. August is brilliant for all-round change, September for new friendships, October for lively relationships and November for practical commitments. The year ends in a highly favourable location, boosting your confidence and upping your powers of attraction.

At Home:

There will be considerable pressure from partners to push yourself harder than you have done in the past. There’s room for a fresh start at home in February, and you could be prompted by the things that other people say to you, stinging you into making improvements which you’ve known have been required for some time. During March, you will be encouraged to continue with some unusual schemes. Family entertaining will pass off without a hitch in July, although there will be people who don’t see eye-to-eye over some of your more specific ideas.

Work & Money:

Focus on your career until April. Make applications, go for interviews, seek promotion, and generally expand your ambitions outside work as well. In July you will come close to making your mark on the world, so don’t waste any offers that come your way. Big choices will face you on several occasions during September. In particular, you could be facing a minor change of direction, which could see you pursuing your long-term ideals rather than short-term gain.

Peak Period:

February and July will be your peak periods this year, but watch out for unexpected surprises. You will find that fluctuations in your energy may be more dramatic than usual.

Be Cautious:

Expand your creative activities, but only once you have acquired the necessary skills.

From what I (make myself) understand from this, I think I’m pretty sure what I should do after graduation.




  1. Ella’s song. The chorus kept jumping out when I was struggling to find out an answer during my O level Maths paper.

  2. hmm how to be a member? LOL

  3. I can’t remember leh. If not wrong it’s a spending of $150?

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